Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More kitty and puppy therapy and the thrift store

You know they trust you when they get this laid back.

A new family.

A stray, covered in mud, waiting for his family to find him.
I think the local young men should know that some very beautiful women come to visit the Humane Society.


You can buy just about anything at the thrift store - even a Hawaiian hula skirt.

Below, I found the perfect customer in the Humane Society thrift store.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kitty and Puppy Therapy

I moved to Mt. Shasta three weeks ago and after getting a great deal on a down comforter (for $9 in like-new condition) at their thrift store, I began to think about volunteering. The idea is to sit and play with the kitties and puppies to get them used to being with people. Well, I discovered that what is REALLY happening is the kitties and puppies are providing me with laugh and giggle therapy. If you really want to relax and have fun, just watch the little ones act silly and laughs and giggles will soon bubble out. Laughing is the most healing therapy I know. The photos here are from two visits to the Mt. Shasta Humane Society. Every time I go I will update this site with photos of the latest silliness.